Enabling better financial habits

Onde provides your Employees early access to wages they've earnt, with ZERO fees to the Employers

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Work that matters

Helping your employees focus less on their financial stress, and more on the work that matters

Over 50% of employees* spend time at work, thinking about their financial stress rather than being productive. Employees face reguarly cashflow issues, leading them to take high interest loans or paying large penalities for overdue bills. This has a downward effect as it'll continue each month, constantly trying to play "catch up". At Onde, we help employees access their salaries which they've already earnt (no need to wait for payday!) and no additional cost to the Employer.

How it works

Employees withdraws from Onde (Rules and limitations will be based on their salary profile given by the Employer)

Before month's end, we'll work with you on reconciliation, showing who has withdrawn how much.

On salary day, Employers will reimburse Onde for the early accessed amount, and bank in the remaining to their Employees. We don't charge anything to the Employers!


Benefit for Employers


Quick Setup

We'll understand your HR system and make it work for you!


No Additional Costs

Onde doesn't charge anything to Employers.


Happier more productive Staff

Look after your people, they'll look after your business.